Low Tide

by Morosity

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released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Morosity Minneapolis, Minnesota

They say a garden is to be a world unto itself.
It had better make room for the darker shades of feeling.
In the vibrant garden scape that is the MPLS music scene, a scene that prides itself on positivity, MOROSITY provides that vital touch of gray. Cool, dark, and sulky. A welcomed change of pace for those who would rather brood in the shade versus soaking up the abundant sunshine
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Track Name: Mind Over Matter
What cult do you preside
Filling up your empty mind
Brainwashed aren’t we all
What is it that you control
Track Name: The Answer
Dust to bones the story I’ve been told
My eyes tell me that the truths not being told
But what if all I see is just a lie
A storybook created by an egotistic mind

Right or wrong I am not alone
The truth is no one will ever know

Rusted soul the water takes it’s toll
Promises of happiness and life beyond the hole
What if all to be is just this life
Protect yourself from fear of death
It seems a waste of time

You’re all wrong
All Wrong
You’re all wrong
We’re all wrong
Track Name: Ouroboros
Beating the heart
Seeing through eyes
Tasting the tongue degrading within
Deep in the bowels back out again
Back in it goes down through the hole
So much to know
Swallow it whole
Runaway into yourself
Find a way
Find a way to make it out

Filling the lungs
Bleeding the spine
Stick in the side suck out the life
Drinking the soul fill the hollow
Splitting the skull dividing your mind
Killing your pride push ego aside
Runaway into yourself
Find a way
Find a way to make it out
Track Name: Moon
Never a blue sky for you
but your reflection brings me light
You make it all so easy
You make it all so black and white
Through the ebb and flow
The changing of the tides
You've always been there
You're my angel your my moon

Through the cloudy haze of night
You illuminate my sky
Like an owl in silent flight
Mysterious yet so sublime
The yin to my ever dying yang
The final piece to an endless game
Above the clouds you will always hang
Your glowing eye sets me aflame

Through the ebb and flow
The cycle of our lives
You've always been there
You're my angel your my moon

Where have you gone my love tonight
Have you ran away to hide
Can you hear my desperate cry

Track Name: Smoke & Mirrors
Absorb the poison drown the real
Sometimes it feels like the only way to deal
With how I feel about this world
Don't be surprised the day I disappear
It all goes away...

Is all your smiling make-believe?
Who is it that you are trying to deceive?
What is it that you plan to gain?
I life of misery false heightened sense of fame
It all goes away...

You're only lying to yourself
There's no use trying to be somebody else
So cut the rope and take the fall
and in the end you'll find you got it
know you got it...
think you got it...
know you got it all...
Track Name: Death Grip
Lately I just wanna kill someone
You can hide away the ammo
Lock up all the guns
But if I really wanna have some fun
There ain't nothing gonna stop me
Til' the job is done
I wanna kill someone

In a crowded theater
In the church of nuns
In a school for children
In front of everyone

You think that you can stop me
You say you're good with guns
If you try to kill me
I'm gonna blow up everyone

Bang Bang Bang
They took away our guns

Bang Bang Bang
Nothing can be done

Bang Bang Bang
There's nowhere you can run

Bang Bang Bang
I'm gonna have some fun

I wanna kill someone
Track Name: Limbo
Ya beg and plead until your blue
But they’ll never ever believe you
So you see know here’s the deal
Your sentence is life with no change for appeal

What would you do
When you know
Could you let go
Caught in limbo

So you figured out a plan
Your weapon of choice the sharpened contraband
Now’s the time and here’s the place
To find out if you’ve got exactly what it takes

What would you do
When you know
Could you let go
Caught in limbo

Oh no don’t let go
don’t go

If there’s one thing you can not forget
This may be the only chance you get
Track Name: Low Tide
From stone to sand, I feel it all sifting through my hands.
Worn to bone, nothing left just a skeleton.
Bottoms up and cut me down to size.
Drag me out and wash me in the tide.
Give me life now no I don't wanna die.
Low tide
Alone and scared you build a wall and wilt away inside.
Feel ashamed you lie awake can't fall asleep at night.
Never change your ways for fear of what they'll say outside.
Rearrange the game to stay away from too much fright.
Bottoms up and cut me down to size.
Drag me out and take me for a ride.
Give me life now I don't wanna die.
Washed away in the low tide.
Can not maintain the pain the rain is welling in your eyes.
Pleasure came back down the drain swallowing the light.
Playing blame insane it's you that's done this to your life.
Missing sane tired and drained thoughts of the other side.
Pick me up and bathe me in the light.
Drive it down and bleed me dry.
Take my life I'm ready to die.
Washed away in the low tide.
Track Name: Adrift
Drifting out to open water
No sail, just wind and waves to guide the empty hollow
Gray-blue skies....eventide
A glimpse of light will be the only guide
So dream, dream, dream away the night
Please... bring, bring me too the light

Awake to find a broken shell
The rise, the fall, the endless swell
A wreck on the rocks, take on salty waters
No time to bail, it's straight to the bottom
So dream, dream, dreaming of the floor
dream, dream, dreaming nevermore